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Socrantes, Diantgenes, and Emmanual Kant (pronounced can't) had difficulty coming to a consensus, but my game group enjoyed the game nonetheless. Thank you for making it!


We, as a human in our full power as human, give this game 5 stars. It's totally normal for human to rate great games and we wouldn't be able to rate it if we were a colony of ants in a trench coat. We are human in a trenchcoat. Thanks, fellow humans.

I pray it takes advantage of Actor Network Theory


So fun. I played as Marie ANToinette, the queen secretly pretending to be a drone to discuss ant philosophy with her colony and it was glorious.

holy shit i love it so much


I found this game through the One Shot podcast and really wanted to play it. It was a really great game. Easy and last a long or as short as you want it to while keeping itself interesting.


hey hey! i got this from the racial justice bundle and played it on a whim and it was super fun! i've been planning to do reviews of the TTRPGs in that bundle and ANTological Theory was the first i've played and reviewed! i've posted it over here! thank you so much for this fun little morsel of a game!


thank you so much for the lovely review! centaurs!!!


Clever little one-page game with a large list of debate topics and philosophical positions for ants :)


we live in a society