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Assuming the contents of the txt version are indeed the same as the pdfs, I don't see a game here. There's a divination method and/or a scenario for an erotic encounter, but no game.


I don't have any problem with that whatsoever, but I find it in funny that in, where I've dowloaded things that can be very reasonably described as games but that were called 'worlds' or 'experiences' or 'museums', this is a thing that decides to call itself a game

That said, great work. Loved it


Sometimes i call my things games out of spite.

Glad you enjoyed it though!


An excellent reason!


Adira has done it again! Haruserxy is incredible, and my favorite game of the year by far Is it the first game I've bought this year? yeah sure. The minimalist layout contained in the paid version is legitimately beautful, and worth the price of admission!