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You are a fresh 17 year old recruit for the Steel Legion who has just arrived at Echo Base after surviving an attack from the enemy forces of the Jhin. You are here to be a mecha pilot! Pilots were previously elite members of assault task forces piloting glinting mechanical monstrosities, but are now a ragtag group of green recruits thrown into sometimes cobbled together or even ramshackle mecha. You step off the train to Echo Base with your meager belongings, including your prized possession of a single well worn journal. A long journey awaits you...

As Above is a unique physical experience game. You will be enacting physical actions in the world to evoke emotions, like you would in a LARP, but at the same time will be chronicling the actions of a host of characters as they move through the world in a war between the Steel Legion and the Jhin. Most of your physical actions will involve manipulating a physical mecha, representing your character's mecha in the story you write. You will cary this mecha through the world with you, forming a bond as it deals with cuts, burns, or worse. Playing the game can take between 3 weeks and 3 months time.


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