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"You wrote a larp that is actually a date" -- The second person I showed this game to.

In ♡Making Love♡, you maybe have sex at the end. Like, as a person in real life. These are the instructions for how to do that. Because like, you don't always wanna just go up to a stranger and fuck them. But also like, it's fun to shake things up. And restrictions breed creativity! These are just pages of restrictions!

We gotta talk about some content warnings though. This game talks about kissing, and other people. It even calls out that there are those who would pressure someone into an intimate space when using this game. It's also got a very conversational tone, and the game is encouraging you to form a romantic or sexual moment. There's some nudity involved, and lot of touching. And it has a bunch of eye contact, too.

This game is about meeting another person and getting to know them, and also getting to know yourself. This game is about communication and pleasure and safety and discovery.  This game is a LARP that is basically some glorified foreplay instructions.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAdira Slattery
TagsAdult, LARP, LGBT, LGBTQIA, live-action, lyric-game, NSFW, Queer, Romance, Two Player


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really, really wholesome


This is fucking beautiful. Amazing game.


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I played this game with someone on our second date, and now we've been dating for a little over six months! :)

oh!!!! congrats on six months 💕💕


I just played this game with a friend I deeply love and it was such a good and amazing experience, thank you! The other player and I talked about this game experience together. We figured out that what’s difficult about intimacy is not intimacy itself, but rather how to get to that intimacy. And this game perfectly fits that purpose. Lots of love to you <3




This game changed my life. Full stop. I played it two months ago, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

The game is, as Adira says, glorified foreplay instructions, written in a gloriously conversation tone, with really choice interjections from Adira. It fully acknowledges the awkwardness of people with bodies engaging in physical intimacy - in fact, it revels in that awkwardness.  Yes, staring another person in the eyes is super awkward and intimate, but hey, you're both doing it! 

It's also an amazing tool for encouraging self advocacy and the active setting of boundaries. I had no idea how making out worked when I sat down to play, but the game constantly forces you to tell the other player what you want them to do to you, and mandates giving feedback and checking in. 

In the end, this game has given me a completely different view of physical intimacy, one where I can see myself actually enjoying it, setting boundaries for myself, and being comfortable with my body, in ways I could never have imagined before play.